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Need an answer for any questions you might have? Need another piece of pie? Please contact us at and see below for who you might need to talk to.

WCMRS Contacts for 2018

Chairman - Steven Goossen

Secretary - Darrell Unruh

Treasurer - Karen Wall

Quilts - Lori Esau

Auctions - Kevin Friesen

Outside Auction - Vern Willems

Set up/Facilities - Steven Goossen

Communications.- Chris Wall

Publicity - Michael Klaassen

Foods - Rosalyn Malamma

Music - Kevin Malamma

Food Supplies - Karen Peters

Car Display - Jerry Koop

Scavenger Hunt - Connie Koop

Church Involvement - Jamie Mack

Country Store - Lacy Newkirk

Vintage Store - Cheryl Friesen

Tagua - Pat Unruh

Run for Relief - Steve Penner

Plants and Yard Art - Darlene Toews

Silent Auction - Janice Porter

Used Books - Jeff Jones & Ray Winter