Quilts for 2023

Handmade quilts have been a significant part of the West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale. Each year we have a variety of beautiful handmade items to bid on. Quilts will be displayed in the Special Events Center on Friday for viewing and are sold beginning on Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday. Items sold in the past include quilts, comforters, baby quilts, throw blankets, pillows, wall hangings, tablecloths and runners, afghans, and more.

As the ladies were processing the quilts, they snapped a quick picture so you could get an idea of what the quilts looked like before the auction. I hope you enjoy the colors and the hard work of each quilt. You can find the numbers for the auction in the bottom right of the quilt pictures.

1 thru 45

46 thru 90

91 thru 135

136 thru 179