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Celebration for World Relief is a group of Mennonite and Anabaptist churches on the West Coast who work together to raise funds for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) a world relief organization begun by the Mennonite Churches in response to hunger and famine in Russia a century ago. Now, MCC is a worldwide ministry, sharing God’s love and compassion for all in the Name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. Watch the short video below to find out who MCC is and what they do to support human needs around the world.



Communities throughout the United States and Canada raise money through relief sales. Here in Fresno, we spend two days a year enjoying the Sale and hundreds of hours preparing for it! The money we raise at our Sale goes directly to MCC.

Relief Sales give each community a chance to raise money and to do so in their own style. It's also gives us a way to introduce younger generations and the larger community to our own heritage and history.

Like a country fair, our sale includes: a quilt and furniture auction, country store, used books, garden shop, to name a few. We have ethnic Mennonite, Mexican, Filipino foods, a pancake breakfast, and more. If you haven't tried our Zweibach or Fritters (Portselkje), here's your chance! With the funds raised, MCC determines where the money is needed most.


Why do so many volunteers give of their time to do this? With disasters, war, drought and famine happening worldwide, displacing thousands of people from their homes and communities, MCC steps in to give aid and relief for those with immediate physical needs. We seek to help those in need.

The biblical verse of Micah 6:8 reminds us to follow Jesus' example, to do what is good for others, to enact justice and to love kindness. The funds raised at relief sales nationwide help MCC create programs such as these, helping alleviate suffering due to hunger, poverty, illness, human trafficking, natural disasters and violent conflict. We have the opportunity to show kindness and help others around the world.



First, you're welcome to attend the Relief Sale. When you do your experience might be like a street fair, a county fair, or perhaps even a festival. We have a lot of activities: the main one is the quilt auction, the second is eating! Check out the Et cetera page to find all the other activities that you might be interested in. In all of this.

Second, you can support our auction by purchasing a dinner, a quilt, or a plant in the Plants and Yard Art. Last year a big hit was the Scavenger Hunt we had for kids of all ages - it will take you all around the Sale!

Another way to be involved is to donate an item for one of the auctions. Could be a piece of furniture, a running lawn mower, a quilt or a potted plant. You could run or walk the 5K, and perhaps get rid of some of those old books that have been lying around for a while. Another is to keep your loose change and donate it to My Coins Count. It's up to you; there are plenty of ways to donate to help raise money. If you do have any items you wish to donate, contact us and we'll get in touch.